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If you notice water in your meter box, wet spots in your yard or water in the street, here are a few steps to take before reporting a leak:

  1. If the leak appears to be emanating from between the meter box and the house, this is likely a leak on the residential or irrigation line and is the responsibility of the homeowner.

  2. If the leak appears to be between the meter box and the street, 1st check for possible broken sprinkler heads in the area. These also would be a homeowner responsibility.

  3. Recognize that pop-up emitters from the homeowner’s French drain can also give the appearance of a leak as they weep throughout the day from localized irrigation.

  4. Water in the meter box does not always mean there is a leak. Check to see if the water is troubled or still. Troubled water indicates activity in the meter box that may be related to a leak while still water usually indicates that it is only collecting runoff from rain or irrigation.

  5. Check the leak indicator on your meter. Digital meters will have a symbol indicating a leak, while the analog meters have a red triangle that spins if there is water passing through the meter while everything is off inside the house. In both cases, this would indicate a leak on the homeowner’s line.

In all other cases, please feel free to contact TNG at 281-350-0895, or use the form below to report a problem, and we will further investigate. As always, we appreciate your concern for water conservation and always support preserving our natural resources.

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In 2014, districts on average lost over $56,000 of treated water. By reporting leaks and water/wastewater issues you can help keep this money in your own and your neighbors’ pockets.

The following issues can result in either wasted taxpayer dollars or health and safety hazards and should be reported with the form below or to TNG at 281-350-0895.

  • Leaking or standing water or sewage

  • Discolored water

  • Low pressure or vacuum in water lines

  • Sunken or elevated manhole covers

  • Flooded storm drains

  • Strong odors from sewer or water

  • Sewage backup

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