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Smart Water Meters

Willow Creek Farms MUD has recently begun an initiative to convert the District to smart meters, partnering with TNG Utility Corp. (TNG) to bring these devices to the district. Smart meters and related technologies are a great tool for water conservation, and greatly improve our water system's operational efficiency. As meters come up for replacement, the Board for Willow Creek Farms MUD has ordered their replacement by TNG from analog (traditional) to smart meters.


The District’s goal is lowering water loss due to leaks, visibility of water usage trends, and immediate reporting and handling of problems that may arise.

For help on signing up for a new account via Apps, click here.


Benefits to the Consumer

  • Accurate meter read - only pay for your usage

  • Proactive water conservation

  • Access to usage data (daily, weekly or monthly)

  • Set up warnings/alerts (high usage, continuous usage or leaks)

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Reduce operational costs by eliminating the need to manually read meters and reduce errors in billing information

  • Provide greater accuracy

  • Provide better services to customers

    • Quicker response to inquiries

    • Proactive approach to leaks & outages

    • Usage history

    • Access & Transparency

Instructional Videos

Further guidance for Eye On Water can be found here.

This video guides the user through signing up for online access to their smart meter at

If residents have questions about how to sign up beyond this article, they are urged to call the District's Operator, TNG, at


The next video assists the user in configuring the notification of leak alerts (SMS and/or email).

The final video demonstrates how the user can use the dashboard to review water usage.

How to tell if you have a smart meter: click Here.

What if I don’t have a smart meter yet but want one ahead of schedule? Sign up here to be put on the active waitlist!

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