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Reminder: Daylight Savings Begins this Weekend

On Sunday, March 10th our clocks will ‘spring forward’ one hour to mark the start of daylight savings. Residents are reminded to set their clocks 1 hour forward to reflect this change, or you risk being late to your Sunday commitments! 

While this means you will lose one hour of sleep on Saturday night, the ‘bright’ side is that the sun will be shining longer every day which can reduce your energy consumption. With the sun setting later in the evening, your household can save money by not having to turn on all your lights to cook dinner or enjoy evenings outside. 

Having more daylight time gives a great opportunity to tackle outdoor projects, enjoy neighborhood walks, or simply unwind on your porch after a long day. Now is also a great time to ensure that outdoor lighting timers and security systems are adjusted to align with the new time. 

As we prepare to spring forward, let's embrace the change and look forward to brighter days ahead in our neighborhood. Don't forget to adjust your clocks forward and enjoy the extra daylight that Daylight Saving Time brings!


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