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Park Construction Update #9

Detention Pond Enhancements Construction Update #9

Progress continues on the Detention Pond Enhancements:

  • Phase I (Excavation) is nearly complete

  • Phase II (Landscaping and Fishing Pier) is waiting for approval from the State

  • Fountains will be added to mitigate mosquitoes and additional fill should help reduce mosquito breeding grounds

  • The project does not decrease detention capacity and provides options to enhance detention capacity before a major rainfall event

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More Details

Phase I of the amenity project (excavation) is nearing completion with some minor punch list items that still need to be completed by the contractor. The contractor has seeded the areas surrounding Basin G (Pappas) and Basin H (behind the community pool). Although it may not look like it, grass is starting to grow, which will help to mitigate erosion. We are also collaborating with our maintenance consultant, Champions Hydrolawn, to perform additional work as needed so proper turf is established. Finally, we will be dredging downstream culverts to remove any silt from construction as well as silt that built up over time or due to facility damage to ensure proper water flow in the drainage system.

Phase II is likely to begin as soon as we receive approval from the TCEQ on plan modifications and complete the bidding process. Because the fishing pier was not in the original approved plans for the park bonds, we are required by law to receive approval on the modifications before proceeding. While we do not have an exact timeline, we hope the approval process will be complete in the next couple of months and we can move forward with bidding and construction shortly thereafter.

The ponds will have fountains and options such as additional aerators may also be considered. We have also used a significant amount of dirt to fill in low-lying areas behind the north section of the neighborhood. Kinder Morgan also allowed us to place additional fill on their right-of-way easement between Pappas Drive & Jordan Ranch Boulevard. All measures should aid in the reduction of mosquito breeding grounds.

Some have asked if the excavated basins will increase detention capacity for rain events, and the answer is yes, although the additional capacity is very minimal. It is important to note that with the completion of the Texas Heritage Parkway (Waller County Section), the size and quantity of box culverts on Willow Fork Creek have increased, which will aid water flow downstream of the district. The additional depth gives us the ability to pump water out of the detention ponds before a major rain event. This would increase capacity and help mitigate the potential for flooding. While not yet approved, we are investigating this process to determine logistics and costs.

We appreciate your patience as the frequent rain this spring and fall caused significant delays. As we learn more about when Phase II will begin, we will communicate that information on the MUD website and community Facebook pages.


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