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Drought Notice - Water Restrictions in Effect

Mild Drought Conditions

Due to the heat and lack of rainfall driving record water usage, Willow Creek Farms MUD has enacted Mild Drought Conditions. We are implementing MANDATORY restrictions on outdoor water use as well as asking residents for VOLUNTARY reductions and changes in water use.


Even-Numbered Addresses - Watering is permitted on even-numbered days

Odd-Numbered Addresses - Watering is permitted on odd-numbered days

No outdoor watering between the hours of 5-10 AM and 5-10 PM


In addition to the mandatory restrictions, we ask residents to voluntarily reduce water usage wherever possible and help stagger water usage to reduce demands on the water system. We hope this will help reduce the low water pressure issues we’ve been experiencing during peak hours and keep our water system running properly.

Please stagger the time your irrigation system runs based on the last digit in your house number, as follows:

0/9: 12AM - 1AM

1/8: 1AM - 2AM

2/7: 2AM - 3AM

3/6: 3AM - 4AM

4/5: 4AM - 5AM

Also, please try to limit heavy water usage activities such as laundry and dishwashers during the peak hours (5-10 AM and PM) and take other measures to reduce usage wherever possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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